The AdWords Bootcamp

Where we combine training, consulting and management to make you a better marketer.

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The AdWords Bootcamp

Ongoing month to month PPC management is not suitable for every businesses. If your company is spending less than $2500 / mo on PPC, our AdWords Bootcamp plans are an ideal fit.

What is the AdWords Bootcamp?

The AdWords Bootcamp is either a one, three or six month engagement where we provide a combination of consulting, training and management. The idea is to give you the skills and expertise to ultimately understand your campaigns at a high level, so you can eventually take over the management yourself.

Who Would Benefit From The AdWords Bootcamp?

If you’re spending less than $2500 / mo on PPC, you would benefit from the AdWords Bootcamp plans. Because your budget is limited, there is less data that needs to be analyzed and there is less need to hire an outside team on an ongoing basis.

What Do I Get With The AdWords Bootcamp?

  • Training: We will follow a structured training schedule that ensures you come away with a high level understanding of PPC. Training sessions include online videos, quizzes and in person sessions with your account manager.
  • Consultation: Besides for training, we’ll also be consulting on a regular basis about your unique business and ad campaigns. We will apply the knowledge you learned in training to your actual account. During the consultation hours, you will learn actionable and practical techniques that apply to your specific marketing goals.
  • Management: We don’t leave you alone to manage your campaigns. On the contrary, throughout the AdWords bootcamp, our account managers will be very involved in the day to day management of your account. Even better, we are going to teach how to continue making the same optimizations in your account once the Bootcamp is over. That way, you will be able to continuously improve your campaigns.

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After Completing The AdWords Bootcamp, You Will: 


google adwords competitive analysis

Successful PPC campaigns account for the campaigns and ads of your competition. We are going to show you how to research and analyze what your competition is doing on a month to month basis.


adventure media adwords bootcamp services

Google AdWords and the Yahoo! Bing network or complex advertising platforms. After Bootcamp, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools to manage your campaigns in a way that consistently improves their profitability.


ppc management services and remarketing

You’ll be able to apply the principles you learned during Bootcamp to build new campaigns and ad groups that advertise more of your products and services. So as your business grows, your PPC account will be able to grow with it.

Adwords Bootcamp Reviews

The Adventure Media team is a real pleasure to work with. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in setting up a structured Bootcamp plan. So far, our conversion rates have been shooting up!”

Steven Lippolis
CEO – Superior Washer and Gasket

We’re in a very competitive niche, and the AdWords Bootcamp was a life-saver for us. Now we can understand our competitors and beat them at their own game!

Kasey Bistritz
CEO – United Routes Auto Transport

We’ve only just started working with AdVenture Media for our yoga retreat business & so far they have been a pleasure to deal with. Professional & responsive.

Georgina Bishop

What We’ll Be Covering During Bootcamp:

Inside Campaigns

  • Understanding campaign settings
  • The Google partner network
  • Geo-targeting settings
  • scheduling basics

Developing Your Ads

  • The anatomy of text ads
  • How to write killer headlines
  • Benefits VS. Features
  • Google ad policies


  • Keyword research
  • Keyword planning
  • Keyword organization
  • Keyword tools and resources
  • Understanding match types
  • Advanced keyword research methods
  • Structuring ad groups with keywords


  • How to find your remarketing tag
  • Adding the remarketing tag to your website
  • Creating and managing custom audiences

The AdWords Auction

  • How the auction works
  • Relevancy in the AdWords auction
  • Understanding the second price auction model
  • Max CPC bid VS. actual CPC

Quality Score

  • What is Quality Score?
  • How Quality Score is calculated
  • Quality Score and ad rank
  • The factors that affect Quality Score
  • How to improve Quality Score
  • Diagnosing Quality Score issues
  • How Quality Score effects your cost per click
  • Most important Quality Score factors

Building Out Your Account 

  • Creating new campaigns
  • Creating new ad groups and keyword lists
  • Keeping your account structure in mind
  • Developing an account organization strategy
  • When to tweak your campaign settings
  • Advanced ad scheduling with bid adjustments
  • Creating sitelink extensions

Conversion Tracking

  • The different types of conversions
  • How to set up conversion tracking for form submissions
  • Generating your conversion tracking tag
  • Adding your conversion tracking tag to your website
  • Testing the conversion tracking tag
  • Tracking phone calls
  • Tracking calls from ads

Developing Profitable Bidding Strategies 

  • ROI vs ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • How to calculate ROI
  • Viewing your ROI data in the AdWords dashboard
  • Using automated bidding to control you cost per click

Analyzing Your Results

  • How to find wasted spend in your account
  • How to find new keywords and negative keywords with the search terms report
  • Adding negative keywords to negative keyword lists

Bootcamp Pricing. No Hidden Fees.

1 Month


For businesses spending up to $5,000/mo on Pay Per Click.

7  Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 1 Live Training Session
  • 2 Training Reports
  • 4 Strategy Reports
  • 10% Off Any Landing Page Analysis Package
  • Set-up $799 (One-time)

3 Month


For businesses spending up to $5,000/mo on Pay Per Click.

14  Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 3 Live Training Session
  • 6 Training Reports
  • 12 Strategy Reports
  • 20% Off Any Landing Page Analysis Package
  • Set-up $799 (One-time)

6 Month


For businesses spending up to $5,000/mo on Pay Per Click.

30  Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 6 Live Training Session
  • 10 Training Reports
  • 12 Strategy Reports
  • 35% Off Any Landing Page Analysis Package
  • Set-up $799 (One-time)

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