AdWords Grants For Nonprofits

Google AdWords Grants For Nonprofits Can Be Huge For Your 501(c)(3)


Google AdWords Grants For NonProfitsGoogle offers $10,000 per month in free AdWords advertising to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations. This is a huge deal. In fact, certain organizations can qualify for $40,000 in free AdWords advertising (which is even a huger deal).

In early 2002, Google had relaunched its self-service advertising platform, AdWords, under a new Cost- Per-Click (CPC) pricing model with the intention of making search advertising cost-effective for small businesses. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin also saw this as an opportunity for nonprofits to extend their reach and connect with people searching for information about their causes. This lead to the inception of Google AdWords grants for nonprofits.

At the time, Google was still a small shop with around 500 employees that were developing the infrastructure of what would become the AdWords platform that we know today. Thankfully, these dedicated Googlers were willing to volunteer extra time to help launch and support this non-revenue generating project because they believed in the significant impact they could make. By April 2003, March of Dimes became the first nonprofit to run an Ad Grants campaign.

As of 2013, more than 14,000 organizations spanning 28 countries are receiving monthly AdWords grants for nonprofits from Google. It’s time for your nonprofit to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Ultimate Guide To Google Grants For Your Nonprofit

Here at AdVenture Media, we developed a comprehensive guide to help you understand the ins and outs of obtaining a Google grant. It’s a complex process and our 25 page guide will both help you in understand the application process and spend your free advertising dollars in the most effective way.

Studies show that most Google grant advertising dollars go unspent. That’s because most nonprofits don’t know how to maximize the efficiency of their campaigns.

Download our guide below, and you’ll be at the top the class when it comes to navigating through the Google AdWords grants for nonprofits landscape.

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