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AdWords July Updates & Questioning User Value

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AdWords July updates, the true value of Site-Search, and if Don Draper pitched Taco Bell

DART Board Friday | August 5, 2016

Effective digital marketing can only be achieved by leveraging the power of data and the beauty of art, and the best way to foster improvement in these areas is to strike up conversations with our peers.

Each week, we’ll throw a couple of DARTs at the wall and hope you’ll join the conversation. This will include interesting things we find, are thinking about, or are actively using in our digital marketing campaigns. We hope that our short updates will spark some inspiration after a long week.

Here are your DARTs for the week:

(Editor’s Note: Sorry we missed last week’s post. Google decided to release a bunch of updates to the AdWords platform at one time, and we were busy integrating these changes into our clients’ accounts as quickly as possible)

AdWords Update(s) We’re Excited About: Expanded text ads, price extensions for mobile devices, responsive display ad tool, and device-level bid adjustments. We have more information coming out about each of these new updates, but the bottom line is that Google has finally released the updates announced in the Performance Summit earlier this year, allowing advertisers to be more strategic in a mobile-first world.

Something We’re Pondering Again: The Value of Site-Searchers. It’s generally accepted that if someone uses the site-search feature on your website, they’re more engaged with your site and ultimately more valuable to you. To take advantage of this, we could set up a remarketing audience in Google Analytics of users that have used this feature, and aggressively attempt to bring them back to the site to convert.

However, if someone used this feature and left without making a purchase, one might argue that they didn’t find what they were looking for. If this is true, it’s pointless to spend money attempting to bring those users back to your site.

The answer to this question will be different for every website. Perhaps Site-Searchers are in fact valuable to you, but only when these users meet a second piece of criteria. It’s important to consider these types of questions when segmenting out remarketing audiences.

If you don’t have Site-Search enabled on your Google Analytics account, learn how to set it up here.

A Tweet We Found Hilarious:

(We actually posted an Instagram about this yesterday. You don’t follow us on Instagram yet? How dare you.)


Video Tutorial We’re Loving: Google Tag Manager Button Click Tracking. In general, most companies will track website conversions by redirecting users to a Thank You / Confirmation page as the final step in a conversion path. A conversion pixel will be placed on this page, and by default, it will fire on page-load. Each time someone completes the checkout process and lands on that page, the pixel will fire and send that information back to Google, Bing, Facebook, etc., to register that users’ conversion.

However, not all conversion actions redirect users to a final Thank You page. In this case, you’d need to use Event-Based tracking to register your conversions. For example, you may have a landing page that features an email capture form. When someone submits their email, they see an on-page confirmation. In this case, you’d have to wrap the submit-button with a few lines of JavaScript that would register that action as an event in Google Analytics.

For those that aren’t fluent in JavaScript, there is an excellent workaround in Google Tag Manager. Better yet, MeasureSchool has a slew of incredible tutorial videos that will teach you how to implement tags like this in just ten minutes.

Beer We’re Loving: Oyster Bay Brewing Company. You can already find Oyster Bay’s selection on tap throughout Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, but they recently started canning and distributing as well. Keep a look out for these awesome labels when you’re looking for a tasty new craft beer.

Have a great weekend.

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