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Expert PPC / AdWords Account Review

Our pressure-free review of your PPC campaigns will help you better understand the dynamics of your campaign performance.

How Our AdWords Audit Works

  1. Join a live screen-share with on of our in-house PPC experts
  2. Discuss your advertising objectives and business goals
  3. Review and analyze the historic data in your account
  4. Analysis of AdWords best practices and campaign strategy
  5. We’ll show you exactly what we’d do differently in your account to improve campaign performance and ROI
  6. We’ll teach you some optimization techniques that you can use immediately without us. 

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What We’ll Review During Your AdWords Audit

Account Structure

Are your ad groups and keywords grouped in a way that optimizes for relevancy and Quality Score?

Bidding Strategy

Are you properly utilizing different keyword match types and bidding appropriately?

Targeting Methods

Are you familiar with the different targeting options and are they configured for optimal results?

Account Settings

There are many account settings that have both subtle and major effects on overall performance.

Exposure / Visibility

What percentage of the time are your ads showing for your most profitable keywords?

Budget Assessment

Are you allocating enough advertising budget to really compete in your specific industry?

“It’s amazing how much better my AdWords campaigns are after my free audit. George took the time to show me exactly where I was making mistakes and exactly what I can do to fix them”.Dave L. Manager, Concourse Rehab Center

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