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PPC Management Software Review | July 2014

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A healthy and well-maintained PPC campaign is a great way to bolster your business and generate substantial leads to your company, but the more your campaigns grow, the more time and effort you’ll need to expend to managing them. The amount of time you spend in managing your PPC campaigns might soon end up outweighing the benefits of your increased online presence. There are many benefits of using PPC management software; they provide you with solutions to managing, measuring, and optimizing your search campaigns. Although they can sometimes be an expensive investment, there are those who feel that the time they regain through automation is worth more than the money they pay for the service.

In this post, we’ll give a comprehensive review on PPC management software that have ranked at the top of our list, while exploring the many aspects of automated PPC management. There are many interesting points to the topic and we feel that the information we’ll provide here will help you better decide if the benefits of using PPC management software is well worth your money.

The Man versus Machine Debate

The web is now full of automated PPC software like Google’s DoubleClick and Marin’s Management suite. As search engine marketers, we are now in a time where we have to ask ourselves some very honest questions about we plan our management activities using automation.

Some of these questions are:

  • How is it going to benefit me and my business?
  • How much am I going to be charged for it?
  • How much time will I really be saving?

And last but not the least:

  • Do I really need it?
Rise of the PPC machines

The core question most advertisers have always been asking is “shouldn’t we just employ someone to just do the tasks instead?” This argument would still go back to the debate of whether it’s better to have people do the work than leave it to the hands of a carefully structured program.

The popularity of PPC management software has increased dramatically in the last few years due to the influence of search engine marketing in its entirety. People are now turning to gadgets such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to conveniently shop, do business, and look for certain services online. It’s no wonder that platforms like paid search have become a vital part to increasing a business’s revenue. The domino effect of this is that organizations are now developing countless campaigns with thousands of keywords and a huge storage of data available on tap.

The key role of automation software is to assist us in managing and making sense of all that takes place in our accounts. So let’s take a look at some of the relevant issues that will help us understand more about the benefits of using PPC management software.

Automated Task Management

We all know how boring and tiring it is to perform monotonous tasks like wading through tests for ad splits, dynamic budget, bid adjustments, or pools of huge amounts of data. It’s not something a lot of us wake up to everyday and look forward to doing.

The feeling of redundancy is even more apparent if you’re working for a large company with heaping amounts of data coming in and you need to perform the above tasks regularly. This is why you need PPC management software to make the load lighter for you, and so you can invest your valuable time on other things that can help the company, or on personal tasks that need addressing. We all know how hard it can be to stay on top of these tasks when there are other things on your mind that you should be worrying about.

The following are the main reasons for why many in the industry are turning to PPC management platforms:

  • The deed for tools that help in bid management have increased greatly
  • Competition is getting higher
  • The cost of hiring advertisers are increasing
  • More and more advertisers are entering paid search marketing

This means that your accounts are going to become harder to manage manually, and keeping your campaigns’ performance consistent will gradually become more difficult.

We did our research and have come up with a number of advantages that make using PPC management software a very lucrative alternative to managing your campaigns. Take time to think about them, and see if it’s about time for you to get into automated PPC management to boost your online business’s productivity levels.

Better Time Management. It takes a great amount of time and effort to expand your campaigns and optimize them. Automating certain management features means that you’ll be able to free up more time. We know that as a business owner, time is of the essence! In fact, you may see time as shiny gold bullions and if you don’t use time wisely, you’ll miss out on getting any. The more time you have available, the more you can use it to be more creative and come up with better strategies that you can test out within the account. This, in turn, lets you create more opportunities to grow your overall business.

Easier Reporting. One of the great benefits of using PPC management software is how it makes the reporting much easier for you. Most of the software include fully automated reporting features that let you track and report on specific keywords and their performance. You automatically get a relatively easy-to-understand visual representation of how your campaigns are going and how your hard work has paid off.

Faster Optimization. It’s time consuming digging through mountains of data just to find that single piece of information to take action on. What most PPC management software can do is to make it easier for you to find out which keywords and creatives are your top contributors. You also quickly see which ones are dragging your campaign down. Knowledge of these things makes it faster for you to make a couple of tweaks here and there to optimize your PPC campaign performance.

More Consistency In Numbers. The PPC industry can be a very dangerous landscape to do business in. Competitors come and go all the time which leads to bids fluctuating wildly and frequently in a given day. If you’re not using PPC management software such as a bid management platform, it’s highly likely that your CPA will also fluctuate wildly.

It’s through the use of a great bid management platform that you can overcome these inconsistencies and generate stable results, based on up-to-date information. Every business appreciates and values predictability.

Increased Chances for Innovation and High Level Thought. When you’re busy trying to manually manage your PPC campaigns, it becomes increasingly hard for you to reach that level of creativity and innovation that could make a big impact on your business. Because today, people are always attracted to what seems new or unique.

It’s hard to come up with those ideas if you’re time is constantly consumed just from account management. This is one of the great reasons why the benefits of using PPC management software far outweigh what it is you have to pay for it.

  1.       Kenshoo – This is company that boasts a smart and caring team that’s gifted with the ability of effective strategizing for your business. Any time of the day, whenever you have a question or need some help with your PPC account, they are always willing to lend a hand.
What’s so great about Kenshoo?

Kenshoo is loaded with features that make managing your PPC campaign easier. Scheduled actions, Kenshoo Editor, and advanced search make it easy for you to schedule changes across different search engines. You also have the option to use their automated reporting which saves you a lot of time.

Here are more of the advantages that you get from using Kenshoo:

  • Work with a creative team who are always building new innovative products
  • Immerse in a unique learning experience about digital advertising
  • Access to many top advertisers in the business.

Let’s not just stick to the good stuff. Let’s take a look at the cons of using this software:

  • Not a lot are accustomed to the grid interface that Kenshoo has.
  • Users have reported occasional issues about pulling campaigns uploaded through a non-Kenshoo platform into Kenshoo.

So far, Kenshoo has delivered what it promises to their clients. We’re happy with what they’re doing, and it’s good to know that everyone else thinks so too. They are constantly innovating and looking for ways to stay ahead of competition.

One of the biggest benefits of using PPC management software like Kenshoo is the increase of team productivity. In addition to tracking and attribution, Kenshoo lets you adjust the attribution model and take action based on the acquired data.

  1.       Marin Software – Overall, Marin is a great tool to use and it comes highly recommended to online marketers looking for a way to manage large accounts spanning multiple search networks. They’re most effective when search campaigns carry a large budget and have more complex conversion goals, which make it a good fit for large clients looking to work within AdWords and Bing for digital marketing.


It’s a good choice for large business that needs automation to save time, or need to make regular bulk changes to their PPC accounts. We all want a good ROI from our PPC accounts, but this can be difficult to track when the numbers are coming in from everywhere. Marin can serve as a bridge between the two. You have the ability to set what your target ROI is, how much to boost your bids are revenue calculations are done, and what positions you want to target.


Accounts that aren’t large enough don’t need the functionality that Marin offers. And if the account is not set up properly, the calculations can easily get out of hand. It also falls short when it comes to integrating other vendors, and we have found other PPC management software that does a better job in this aspect.

When it comes to using Marin, think carefully about your profit margins and the implications of getting low and unimpressive positions, or else you’ll be losing money instead of making them.

  1.       Acquisio – There are two main benefits to using Acquisio, and they pretty much also highlight the benefits of using PPC management software for business accounts.
  2.                    Less time to generate and pull reports
  3.                  Access to state-of-the-art bidding tools

The best feature of the platform for us would have to be the interface Acquisio has for navigating through the Report Center. From here, you have the option of creating nifty report templates that can be used for your account multiple times.

Typical reports sent out to clients may include campaign data for each of their search engine platforms and Facebook accounts, a comprehensive breakdown of stats for the entire month, and a report on whether or not the company is on course to hitting conversion and spending targets.

Acquisio also has one of the most advanced attribution modeling offered. This enables clients to assign values to impressions, clicks, and conversions across multiple channels and by time.


  • Acquisio doesn’t have a spell checker in its reporting system. This might not be a very big deal for those of you who aren’t sensitive to misspellings, but for some it’s a snag.
  • The Mass Editor appears more like a carbon copy of AdWords editor in terms of layout and style, minus most of the features.
  • Monthly fee is based on the percentage of spend, which could mean a lot of money if the company decides to increase their daily spend.

It looks like you can reap the benefits of using PPC management software with Acquisio, but then again, it’s not for everyone. It does have its advantages, but the experience of most of our clients also tells us that there are still a number of downsides that could have been improved. Overall, it’s still one of the most popular PPC management software this 2014.


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