AdVenture’s Eclectic Crew

Meet our fully in-house team of previous business owners, data analysts, industrial psychologists and creatives.

Isaac Rudansky

Founder and President

Isaac Rudansky founded AdVenture Media while completing his Masters Degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University. His background in art, graphic design and music has helped him build a team that’s diverse, accomplished and bursting with an almost dangerous amount of unbridled verve.

Danny Tawil

Director Of Biz Dev

Daniel Tawil brings an extensive background in business development and client services to the AdVenture Media team. Danny has run his own successful marketing agency for over 15 years, before deciding to help build AdVenture Media from the ground up. Everyone loves Danny, but no one likes his jokes.

Ari Pirutinsky

Senior SEM Strategist

Ari Pirutinsky is often confused with a young Dustin Hoffman, but looking like sexy male actors isn’t all he’s good at. Ari brings an extraordinary level of analysis and insight to his SEM projects, usually finding ways to squeeze more profit out of campaigns that have been squeezed for profits many times over.

Patrick Gilbert

Director of SEM

Patrick spends most of his time thinking about how and why digital users are learning about and consuming products and services. He earned a B.S. in Marketing from Penn State University, and he won’t shut up about it. If the Buffalo Bills ever win a Super Bowl, he hopes you think of him and say, “Good for him. He never gave up on that terrible franchise.”

Cynthia Sandoval

SEM Account Strategist

Cynthia comes from a background in professional graphic design, infusing her work with her own blend of creativity, aesthetics and originality. When she’s not optimizing your PPC campaigns, Cynthia can be found taking pictures with really expensive cameras, flying drones,  and working on her next edition of iSpy corporate.

Dovi Steinberg

Senior SEM Strategist

We’re all incredibly fortunate to work alongside a powerhouse like Dovi, and he reminds us of that on a regular basis. Dovi holds a Masters degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Baruch College, and he uses his diverse background in business and Talmudic law to help our client’s understand their business dynamics in a deeper and more analytical way.

Nechama Teigman

SEM Account Strategist

Nechama’s background in statistical analysis, mathematics and graphic design makes her someone who brings a unique perspective to client campaigns and creative strategy. She holds a degree in internet marketing, and she’s someone who is always on top of the latest industry trends, applying her knowledge to increase your profitability.

Baruch Leifer

Senior SEM Strategist

With an IQ of 184, there’s very few things Baruch can’t figure out, and even fewer people who can beat him in a game of chess. Those lucky enough to see Baruch’s work skyrocket their PPC campaigns past unexpected ROI benchmarks know exactly what we’re talking about.

Ronnie Cardno

SEM Account Strategist

Ronnie Cardno studied communications and political science at Hofstra University where he learned the importance of communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time. This skill is invaluable when it comes to managing digital marketing campaigns. Which is good for Ronnie, because there is not a political science curriculum in the world that could have prepared him for the current state of American politics.

John Warner

PPC Account Contractor

With his warm smile, dark sense of humor and all-around lovability, John is a huge asset to our team. When he’s not visualizing your AdWords data in Tableau, you may find him hanging out in the Udemy student forums or working on machine learning.

Yube Levin

Communications Director

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