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Hi, I'm isaac Rudansky.

I'm the founder and CEO of AdVenture Media, a digital advertising agency in New York.

We're a multimillion dollar agency with 25 full time digital advertising experts.

My team and I have worked with over 500 companies from around the world. Some of current clients include Forbes Magazine, AMC Networks, Hanes and the International Culinary Center.

I built our agency, and my career, around educating digital marketers all over the world.

Over 150,000 freelancers, agency owners and small business owners have purchased my digital marketing training.

As far as I can tell, no other on-demand digital marketing training is as popular on the internet.

The Agency Overdrive Membership is our flagship training, offering the most authentic and practical training for digital marketers ever created.

For the price of a Starbucks Latte, you'll get access to the entire library of on-demand training videos.

Better yet, just taking a look around and seeing if you like the content is absolutely risk free. If you don't like the content, email me within 7 days and I'll process a full refund, no questions asked.

You can cancel your membership at any time, on your own, with two clicks.

This isn't a hard sell. This is just the best digital marketing training on the web, and the quality of the content literally speaks for itself.

My students have told me that the training in this membership has changed their lives.

They started signing more clients because I teach them how to write professional proposals (and include proposal templates you can copy and paste).

They started selling their services for higher monthly retainers because I teach a 2 hour lecture outlining the most profitable client billing strategies.

They started seeing better results from their Facebook and Google Ads campaigns because I show optimization tricks directly from our client accounts.

When you enroll in the membership today (joining thousands of fellow digital marketers), you'll get immediate access to over 15 hours of on-demand video lectures.

Every single week, I upload a brand new lecture.

Sometimes, twice a week.

You've probably been to a sales page like this before (maybe many times), and as you know, most of them are just filled with copy promising life-changing results. But they don't show you what you're actually getting.

Maybe those "gurus" are trying to hide something.

Let's do this a little differently.

Give me a minute of your time, and allow me to just show you exactly what enrolling in the Agency Overdrive today will be like.

Let me show you exactly what you're going to be getting today.

The first thing that makes this training library so unique is the templates and resources I give out with each lecture.

Let me show you two quick examples.

This is the "Proposals 101" lecture.

It's 45 minutes long, and I teach you the secrets of writing and sending professional proposals that will double or triple your close rate (think about how much that's worth to your business).

But not only do you get the actual training, I also give you a 20 page proposal that you can download and use in your own business.

In another lecture, I teach you exactly how to perform a Heuristics Analysis on client websites and landing page.

This is an awesome technique that will help you quickly improve websites and show your value to your clients.

This is also a 45 minute lecture, and it includes an actual Google Slides template and a PowerPoint template that you can literally copy and paste and start using in your own business right away!

These are just two examples.

The Agency Overdrive has lectures covering the following topics:

  • Digital marketing invoicing strategies: How to best sell your digital marketing services to maximize the revenue generated from clients.
  • Formulas, calculators and analysis: How to analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns, how to predict financial gains for clients and how to find areas of improvement for your website and ad campaigns using Google Sheet modeling.
  • Advanced conversion rate strategies: Tools and strategies for improving the conversion rate on your website. A/B testing methods, step by step guides to finding conversion rate obstacles on your website, and more.
  • Advanced Google Ads strategies: Behind the scenes guides to making the most profit from Google Ads, even on small budgets. How to analyze and audit new client campaigns, updates to industry best practices, client case studies, and more!
  • Facebook Ads Training: How to manage complex Facebook campaigns at a profit. Setting up custom conversions, using value-based lookalike audiences, how to use dynamic creative and campaign budget optimizer ... and more!
  • Proposals: How to send the best possible proposals, how to write proposals, what to include (and what to leave out), the best proposal software, and copy-paste complete proposal templates members can use in their own businesses.

What happens when you enroll in the Agency Overdrive today?

After checkout, you'll be emailed login details.

When you login, you'll be brought to your membership portal page (fully mobile-optimized for mobile streaming).

You can choose which topic you want to study. Each category contains lectures on that topic.

You can choose to watch Facebook Ads training, for example.

Each lecture has a lecture description and a discussion forum you can use to interact with fellow members and me.

And that's the Agency Overdrive.

It's not shiny. It's not glitzy.

It's just valuable training that you won't find anywhere else.

You may think you know Google Ads, but you may not realize how to use the time lag report to figure out exactly how much additional revenue will be retroactively attributed to ad clicks over the next 7, 14 and 30 days.

That's a trick that has actually saved some of our clients in the past.

You may think you know Facebook Ads, but you may not know that when you use dynamic creative, you need to give Facebook fewer creative assets than they recommend.

These are authentic strategies that come directly from my agency experience, managing hundreds of campaigns and signing over $20,000,000 worth of business over the past 6 years.

If you commit 20-30 minutes every day to learning these strategies, you'll be way ahead of any other freelancer or digital marketer driving traffic to client sites or their own websites.

Try the Agency Overdrive today.

It's 100% risk-free. If the content is not for you, you'll get a full refund within 7 days of signing up.

For a limited time, you'll save 80% for life if you use code "AOPS1119" at checkout.

Thank you for taking the time to check this exciting offer out.

I look forward to seeing you in class :)

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I haven't been able to find any one who's willing to share stuff like this until now!"

Michael Thomas
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What you're getting today:

  • Instant access to over 15 hours of HD video lectures!
  • Instant access to downloadable proposal templates, marketing calculators, billing templates and more!
  • BRAND NEW lectures being uploaded every week!
  • Cancel anytime, on your own, with a single click!
  • LIMITED TIME: Save 80% for life with coupon "AOPS1119" at checkout!
  • The most authentic on-demand training for digital freelancers, agency owners and small business owners ever created!
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