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teacherJump on a live screen-share with one of our Google certified partners and learn exactly what’s causing your campaigns to underperform. We’ll point out the sore spots and how we’d approach the issues to increase your ROI.

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Small Business AdWords Plans

For businesses spending $300 – $6,000 per month on PPC

success Affordable, fixed monthly fees
No long term contracts
Dedicated account manager
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48 hour campaign launch
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Trusted by 100+ SMB’s!

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I get so much personal attention from Isaac and his team. Love these guys. They are always available to me. And they have done absolute magic with my campaigns. I sure wish I had started with them earlier.

Scott Marlow, CEO Syzygy Analytics

PPC management services

Great bunch to work with! Totally turned around our PPC and conversion rates. I recommend AdVenture Media Group to all of my friends in the E-Commerce business.

Ruth Hearn, Marketing Director, moissonite.com

pay per click management

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Welcome, you’re at the doorstep of your last AdWords management company


here’s why we’re your best bet for relieving your PPC management mental anguish and chronic back pain

  • Our AdWords Management plans start at just $89 per month. Not every AdWords management company will cater to every budget level, but we do. And we don’t charge hefty upfront costs because funny thing – our clients tend to stick with us for the long-run.

  • Like raising children, you can’t raise a successful AdWords campaign on autopilot. We don’t use automated systems, so your campaigns will be managed by us – in person – 100% of the time.

  • Stop focusing on getting more clicks and start focusing on getting the right clicks. Give us a call today, and we’ll show you exactly what we mean by that. It’s pretty neat stuff …

  • Because two is better than one. Less is not more. However you slice it, collaborating with a certified AdWords management company will go a long way. Most of our plans include monthly or bi-weekly conference calls, and we hope you take advantage of them.

  • Seamlessly integrate your marketing dollars across multiple advertising platforms. We’ll help you manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo ads for one fixed monthly rate … no complicated payment structures or hidden fees (or any other mischief like that). 

  • We’re bringing the human factor back to search advertising. Every ad will be written and designed in a way that will connect with your target audience in a personal, authentic way. That’s what advertising is all about, isn’t it? 


a collaborative and transparent strategy to reach your marketing goals

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Initial Consultation and Free Account Evaluation

Every successful campaign begins with successful collaboration. You’ll get on the phone with one of our Google certified strategists and we’ll learn all about your business and your marketing goals. If you have an existing AdWords campaign(s), we’ll perform a comprehensive audit to show you some problem areas and what we’d do differently.

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Choose A Package That Best Fits Your Goals

As a premier AdWords management company, our packages are simple, transparent and most importantly – affordable! If you’ve seen some of the other packages out there, we think you’ll notice how cost effective our management packages really are.  And if one of our pre-made packages don’t quite work for you, simply give us a call and we’ll develop a custom management plan that’s just right for your business.

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adwords campaign development

Research and Creative Campaign Development

Let the fun begin! In-depth competitor analysis, custom bidding strategies, creative ad copy and thorough keyword research and planning all come together to create the foundation of your campaign. We take this stage very seriously … quality and diligence here determines the success of the campaigns in the future.

To ensure your advertising dollars bring high returns, we develop your  campaigns with a deep understanding of your business and how your customers use the internet to search for the products and services you offer.

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Campaign Launch and Ongoing Optimizations

While you’re busy running your business, our pay per click management team will be constantly monitoring and optimizing campaign performance so you never miss an opportunity to increase your returns. We’re an AdWords management company that likes to do things differently … we can’t wait to exceed your expectations!


AdWords management companyFounded in 2011, we continue to expand and add new services at an incredible rate. Some call us just an AdWords management company, but we’re so much more. We’re an excited group of search engine marketing strategists, and we love sharing what we have to offer with small to medium sized business all across North America. We’re located on the South Shore of Long Island, NY, and we hope to expand soon into additional office locations. After qualifying and joining the Google Certified Partner Program in 2012, our client base expanded substantially. We take a great deal of care to not only deliver top quality pay per click management services, but to develop excellent, transparent and honest relationships with each of our clients as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon (today, perhaps?).


Hey, no joke! We take great care in developing and cultivating strong relationships with each of our clients. No matter the budget and no matter the size of their organization. We believe every SMB owner should have the opportunity to work with a certified AdWords management company. We look forward to welcoming you and your business on board as well!


We’re Google™ certified partners and a qualified AdWords Management Company. Need we say more?

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#1 Reason To Hire an AdWords Management Company

Greater Returns … AdWords is a deceptively simple platform, but in fact it’s a highly complex advertising infrastructure. Hiring an AdWords Management company that has passed Google’s own rigorous standards of excellence will absolutely guarantee your campaigns will perform better. You’re ads will not only reach a broader audience, but the right audience. Your ads will receive more clicks for a lower cost per click than you’d be able to achieve on your own. Simply put, the costs of hiring an AdWords management company will more than pay themselves back with the greater ROI your campaigns will accrue.

#2 Reason To Hire an AdWords Management Company

More Time … There’s just no shortcut to sustained PPC success, and building and optimizing campaigns that will continually improve and increase in efficiency takes a lot of time. Do you have the 2-3 hours a day you AdWords campaigns really need to succeed? Well, most business owners don’t. They’re busy running their company and closing the leads their AdWords and PPC campaigns are supposed to be bringing in. Hiring an AdWords management company will save you the headache of caring for your campaigns. It’s like hiring a full time nanny … that cares about your children as much as you do!

pay per click management S hhhhh … we’re brainstorming. Our team of certified pay per click management professionals are working hard to develop top notch advertising campaigns for each of our clients. It’s not about your marketing budget and it’s not about the size of your company. It’s about the creative process and the analytical skills that help turn any search engine marketing campaign into a highly profitable venture. We look forward providing you with our AdWords Management Company services, but even more, we look forward to the journey.