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DART Board Friday | July 15, 2016 The AdVenture Media team is proud to announce our new weekly segment: DART Board Fridays.   Effective digital marketing can only be achieved by leveraging …

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DART Board Friday | July 15, 2016
The AdVenture Media team is proud to announce our new weekly segment: DART Board Fridays.


Effective digital marketing can only be achieved by leveraging the power of data and the beauty of art, and the best way to foster improvement in these areas is to strike up conversations with our peers.


Each week, we’ll throw a couple of DARTs at the wall and hope you’ll join the conversation. This will include interesting things we find, are thinking about, or are actively using in our digital marketing campaigns. We hope that our short updates will spark some inspiration after a long week.


Here’s your DARTs for the week:


Trend We’re Suspecting: Moz recently reported that more than 30% of pages that rank on the first page of Google are using the HTTPS protocol. For a while now, Google has been hinting that their organic rankings will start to reward sites that use HTTPS, but the gradual trend has finally reached a significant threshold. There’s no mention of this by Google, but we’re suspecting that this security protocol will soon be factored into AdWords Quality Score consideration as well, if it doesn’t already.


AdWords Script We’re Loving: The Search Query Data Mine script, brought to you by Brainlabs, is an incredible tool to help you find your most profitable (and wasteful) search terms. It’s very useful when formulating advanced search query bidding strategies for Google Shopping Campaigns.


Book We’re Re-Reading: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. Don’t be fooled by the publishing date – This book is chock full of web usability insights that every marketer should know. It’s also short enough that you can knock it out on a plane ride.


Purchase We’re Loving: Office popcorn machine. Nothing helps combat a stressful day like standing over a big bowl of freshly popped kernels with your colleagues like a bunch of pre-teens at a slumber party.


Something We’re Wishing For: The ability to serve Gmail ads to standard remarketing lists. Currently, AdWords policy only allows you to serve Gmail ads to customer email lists. We still love Gmail ads, but can you imagine if we had the ability to show these types of high-engagement ads to a cart-abandoner audience!?


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