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Professionally managed Facebook advertising campaigns for you business, brand, page or website. 

“An absolutely unprecedented level of precision targeting. Out of the billion some odd Facebook users, I was able to show my ads to just my wife.

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Welcome to the most precisely targeted advertising platform on the planet.

Get a glimpse of how you’ll be able to target your ads with one of our Facebook PPC management packages

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  • Age, location & gender

  • Relationship Status

  • Income / net worth

  • Fields of study / Degree 

  • Home type 

  • Hobbies and activities

  • Business and industry

  • Shopping behavior

  • Travel Methods 

  • Online spending 

  • Specific page likes

  • And much, much more!

  If you’d like to combine our Facebook PPC management services with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Bing Ads and / or LinkedIn PPC management, contact us here and one us will get back to you shortly to work on a custom quote.

Some of the benefits of features included in every Facebook PPC management package

Page Post Engagement

Create ads that boosts your posts and increases likes, comments, shares, video plays and photo views.

Page Likes

Create ads to build your audience directly on Facebook

Clicks to Website

Create ads that leads people straight to your website 

Website Conversions

Create ads to promote specific actions for people to take on your website.

App Engagement

Create ads that get more activity on your app.

Offer Claims

Create ads to promote special offers you created.

Guaranteed to happen when you hire us as your Facebook PPC management company
(or your money back!) 


Hire us as an adwords management company and we'll increase you cost per click!


Hire us as an adwords management company and we'll increase your conversion rate!


Hire us as an adwords management company and we'll get you more leads!


Hire us as an adwords management company and we'll lower your PPC cost per conversion!
Facebook PPC management work in essentially the same way as other pay per click advertising platforms like Google and Yahoo! Click Through Rate (CTR) remains one of the most important metrics in your account. However, when it comes to Facebook PPC management, the psychology behind maintaining high CTR is different than traditional search engine marketing like Google. On Google, customers are actively searching for information, and our aim is to provide them with the most direct answers to their questions. With Facebook, the people we want to engage are not actively “looking” for what you’re offering per se.

We use Facebook’s advanced targeting system to hone in on the precise demographic of people that are likely to take an interest in what you have to offer. Based on their previous buying behavior and online and offline activities we can get your ads in front of Facebook users who have expressed interest in products and services similar to yours in the past.

We then create highly appealing image and text ads that can’t be ignored. Our ads are all professionally designed with the psychology of the buyer in mind. We aim to make a splash, but not an overstatement, while conveying the essential benefits of your product or service in a clear way.

Let’s face it, the main reason you’re looking to hire a Facebook PPC management company is to get more qualified leads to your website or business page and convert them into paying customers. We get that. And that’s why all of our efforts are centralized around conversion tracking and conversion optimization. By keeping track of valuable actions on your website (like phone calls, checkouts, and form submissions), we’ll be able to optimize the campaigns to focus on the keywords and ads that are turning the highest profit. Facebook offers advanced conversion tracking and we take full advantage of it for all our clients.

There are many way to configure your Facebook PPC ads, and the costs per click vary between methods. Once we understand your business we’ll be able to decide what type of campaign to run and how to strategize the bidding for the best results.  

  • We don’t believe in autopilot. Completely custom management 100% of the time!

  • Highly experienced in promoting small businesses in competitive niches.

  • Optimize for profits by tracking revenue, form submissions and phone calls!

  • Flexible and fixed pricing for every budget and business size!

Professionally Designed Image Ads They Simply Can’t Ignore!

Facebook PPC Management is all about imagery, and when it comes to imagery we’re very imaginative.

facebook ppc management company advertising graphic design

Let’s Take A Call From A Happy Client …

“AdVenture Media really does provide the best Facebook PPC Management out there. At Enzo, we take our Facebook marketing very seriously and we’ve seen consistent results that have exceeded our expectations. They know what they are doing and they take the time to clue me in on everything that they’re working on.”

– E. Sved, CEO Enzo Custom Clothiers


Our professional Facebook PPC management program is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to up their social media game to the next level. Clicks on Facebook tend to be substantially cheaper than on traditional pay per click search platforms like Google and Yahoo!, which makes Facebook PPC an optimal choice for advertisers on a tighter budget.

You can order the package that best fits your goals right from the site, or you can give us a call at (516) 218-3722 to talk with a search engine marketing strategist today. ( you can also email us here).

A La Carte and Facebook PPC Management Lite Packages

We understand that one of our ready made packages may not fit your unique needs and marketing goals. If you couldn’t find a package that’s right for you, no worries! Give us a call or email us and we’ll set up a tailored package that meets all your expectations. If you’re looking for a simplified Facebook PPC management solution, check out our Facebook Lite package!

Keep in mind … our Facebook PPC Management  Lite package is still managed by certified pay per click experts! 

You can order the package right from the site, or you can give us a call at (516) 218-3722 to talk with a search engine marketing strategist today. ( you can also email us here).

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