PPC Tune-Up

For the AdWords accounts that need just a little love and care

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PPC Tune-Up

Our PPC Tune-up service is for our clients looking for a quick PPC fix that will get them back on the right track.

What Is A PPC Tuneup?

A PPC Tune-up is when we thoroughly run through your AdWords and Bing accounts and make all the changes we would make as if we were managing the account on a regular basis.

We’ll be focusing on: 

  • Keyword relevance
  • Ad copy quality
  • Quality Score
  • Negative keyword lists
  • Landing page appropriateness
  • Account structure
  • Remarketing tags
  • Conversion tracking
  • Profitable bidding strategies

Once we complete our tune-up round of edits, we hand the newly improved campaigns back over to you and your team. We also provide a written overview of how you should continue to manage and optimize your particular account.

Who Would Benefit From An AdWords Tune-Up?

Companies spending less than $1500 per month are usually an ideal candidate for the PPC Tune-Up. But even if you’re spending a lot more, sometimes month to month management or ongoing training isn’t your thing. If that’s the case … the PPC Tune-Up is perfect for you!

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Our Clients Love Our PPC Skills

The Adventure Media team is a real pleasure to work with. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in setting up a structured Bootcamp plan. So far, our conversion rates have been shooting up!”

Steven Lippolis
CEO – Superior Washer and Gasket

We’re in a very competitive niche, and the AdWords Bootcamp was a life-saver for us. Now we can understand our competitors and beat them at their own game!

Kasey Bistritz
CEO – United Routes Auto Transport

We’ve only just started working with AdVenture Media for our yoga retreat business & so far they have been a pleasure to deal with. Professional & responsive.

Georgina Bishop

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