Our Story

Exponential year over year growth since 2013 … and we’re just getting started.

Est. 2013

july 2013

AdWord Academy Is Founded

In an old recliner in a one bedroom apartment in the middle of the night. Simple Squarespace website advertising Google AdWords training services.

august 2013

Signed Our First Client

A dentists office in Queens, NY. Website redesign and Yelp advertising. Still can't replicate the excitement of signing our first client.

September 2013

AdVenture Media Incorporated

Pivoted from training to offering agency services, primarily AdWords management and landing page design.

october 2013

First Office Space

We moved our company of two from a basement to our first office space above a retail store in Cedarhurst, NY.

may 2014

Hired Our First Full Time Employee

Hired our first full time employee to work on PPC campaign optimizations ... all. day. long.

september 2014

Signed Our 50th Client

Signed our 50th client and hired Daniel Tawil to head up our Business Development department.

february 2015

Office Construction

Added a new conference room to make space for our growing in-house team.

april 2015

Signed Our 100th Client

We signed our 100th client, but besides ringing the sales gong for extra long, no crazy celebrations. There was work to be done.

january 2016

We're 10 Full Time Team Members!

Our team is growing, and we're starting to look and feel like a small business. But now we need to start looking for a new office.

may 2016

AdVenture Media Has Its First Baby

Frayde and Isaac Rudansky give birth to baby Aharon Zev. He'll be working on cracking the Quality Score conundrum soon enough.

july 2016

AdVenture Media Has Its Second Baby

Dovi and Rikki Steinberg give birth to beautiful baby girl Shifra. Then they leave her on the beach with a stranger, but it's all good now.

February 2017

Finally, We Move Into A Real Office

After a year of searching and negotiating, we move our headquarters one town over to Hewlett, NY. It's four times the size of our last one, and we actually have space to stretch our arms without hitting someone .

August 2017

AdVenture Media Has Its Third Baby

Ari and Rachel Pirutinsky welcome beautiful baby Miriam to the AMG family. The daily pictures app only lasted about a month ... but her smile keeps getting cuter anyway.

august 2018

AdVenture Media Second Annual Company BBQ

The poppers, steaks, burgers, wings and fries were great (thanks, Danny!), but none of that compared to Ronnie's Rocket Fuel's being churned out of his Margaritaville Machine.

All in all, it was a great night filled with laughs, friends, family, and lots and lots of drinks.

A note From Our CEO

The people I have the great fortune to work with every single day are primary reason for our ongoing (and hopefully continued) success.

I work alongside some of the friendliest, smartest and passionate men and women I have ever met. I'm far from the ideal boss, and mistakes abound, but there’s something unquantifiable about coming to work every morning with the same people you’d want to be around on vacation.

My team and I get to work with incredible business owners, marketing directors, CEO’s and VP’s every day. Our clients get me out of bed in the morning, and if it wasn’t for their ongoing trust, support and enthusiasm, there would be no AdVenture Media to wake up to.

So to my team, and to my clients, thank you.

Isaac Rudansky, Founder and CEO

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