Action Shots Speak Louder Than Headshots

Meet our in-house team of advertising strategists, data analysts, industrial psychologists and creatives.

We moved into our new headquarters in October 2019. Having a building to call our own is wonderful. Especially the early check-in and late check-out policy. Talk about 5 star accommodations!

Our CEO, Isaac Rudansky founded AdVenture Media in 2012 after earning his Masters Degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University.


Isaac Rudansky, Founder

Isaac Rudansky founded AdVenture Media in 2012 after earning his Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology from Hofstra University.

Under Isaac's leadership, AdVenture Media grew more than 100% year over year throughout its first four years in business.

Isaac and the AdVenture team have worked with 500+ companies including multiple publicly traded companies and billion dollar brands.

Isaac's digital advertising training is the most popular paid search and social ads training on the internet, with over 200,000 students enrolled from around the globe.

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Collaborative workspaces spark the conversations, arguments and all out brawls that spark the most creative ideas and solutions to complex problems. And if it takes riding a Google bike in figure 8's around the office to help a client ... well, then that's what it takes.

Ronnie Cardno

Ronnie Cardno and Esti Nadoff, two of our senior account strategists celebrating some fine ROI.

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Our team of digital advertisers, business analysts, statisticians and creatives is an in house, full time group of insanely competent men and women. Here, Ari and Erica work on preparing a client audit.

Isaac rudansky | google ads agency

Isaac's digital advertising online courses have been studied by over 200,000 students worldwide.

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Patrick Gilbert, CEO

Patrick earned a B.S. in Marketing from Penn State University. Patrick is the world's preeminent expert on Google Ad's machine learning, having written a series of articles that went viral inside Google. That led to his being invited by Google to lecture in Dublin, London, New York and Brazil.

If the Buffalo Bills ever win a Super Bowl, he hopes you think of him and say, “Good for him. He never gave up on that terrible franchise.”

AdVenture Superstars

High CPA's and complex data sets are no match for them. From Erica's ability to squeeze profit out of the most competitive industries to Nechama's unrivaled statistical powers to Hadassah's usability insights to Esti's strangely unsettling capacity to force every client to love her, no agency can rival our female star power.

Danny Tawil, AdVenture's longest tenured team member comes from an illustrious background in digital advertising and business consulting. His creative energy and hardcore passion for business efficiency helps our clients explore new opportunities and advertising channels.

On friday we work ...

And play darts, and hang out on couches and bean bags. And drink beer. And attend Patrick's client rundown meeting. And talk about the week's most challenging projects and exciting breakthroughs.

After climbing the corporate ladder at Omnicom, Erica Newman decided to put her digital advertising expertise to more practical use in a smaller agency setting. We're very glad she made that decision ... and so are our clients.

Patrick, Ben, Erica, Isaac and Esti celebrating a successful campaign (and brainstorming ideas to improve it)!

Esti and Alex, account managers at work, neurotically focused on profit.


Meet Ari Pirutinsky

Often confused with a young Dustin Hoffman, looking like a gorgeous male actor isn't all Ari is good at. Ari brings an extraordinary level of analysis and insight to his SEM projects, usually finding ways to squeeze more profit out of campaigns that have been squeezed for profits many times over.

Ari heads up our sales department, helping prospects uncover inefficiencies in their strategy and blueprinting a winning game plan for profitable online advertising.

At our core, AdVenture Media is an agency that thrives on solving the advertising challenges our clients face. The work we produce reflects the type of people we are - intelligent, passionate, creative and focused on profit.

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