Slinger Bag becomes #1 tennis launcher in the US, with 12.6X Facebook ROAS

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Revenue Earned in First 12 Months






Units Sold in First 12 Months


Slinger Bag (SLBG) is a new, publicly traded, sports brand focused on delivering innovative, game improvement technologies and equipment for the global tennis market. The brand launched Kickstarter & Indiegogo fundraising campaigns in May of 2018 to help bring their portable tennis ball launcher to life. After a few years of fundraising and product innovations, they were ready to bring their product to market. 

Advertising Platforms Leveraged 

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Technology Leveraged 

  • Webflow
  • Stripe ecommerce integration with Webflow 
  • SEM Rush
  • Ask Wonder


  1. Bringing a product to market requires months of strategy and research into the target market. Slinger Bag hit the market for the first time with their portable tennis ball launcher, so our understanding of the U.S. tennis player and general consumer sports goods market was imperative. The product was also set to launch in the U.K, which required a separate strategy.  
  1. Generating brand awareness, especially for a new brand, requires an essential mix of paid search and social campaigns and effectively designed landing page to optimize traffic for sales. 
  1. COVID-19 initially shut down manufacturing, and continued to add unforeseen manufacturing and shipping delays throughout 2020


Facebook and Instagram 

We utilized the client's existing video content from the Bryan Brothers, 2012 Olympic gold-medal winners, and Nick Bolletierri, pro tennis coach, to create engaging instant experiences on Facebook and Instagram that fueled our prospecting and remarketing campaigns. Facebook ecommerce was of particular importance due to the relatively low volume of branded traffic and bottom-funnel searches. 


Our strategy included increasing brand awareness through YouTube and social prospecting campaigns. Sales were driven through bottom-funnel search campaigns and remarketing. 

Landing Page Redesign 

We created a custom landing page on Webflow that integrated with the client's Stripe ecommerce platform. Traffic from our paid search and social efforts was directed to this custom designed landing page, allowing for $1 Million in revenue within the first 90 days of our campaign. 

U.K. vs U.S. Launch

The strategy for launching Slinger Bag in the U.S and the U.K. required two separate, but similar strategies. The landing page design for the U.S. market was duplicated for the U.K. market, and a similar Facebook Ads and Google Ads strategy was implemented. 

Facebook Ads Carousel - We created this Facebook ads carousel to increase engagement on our Facebook ads and to educate our audience about Slinger Bag's impressive technical specifications.

Click to view to the landing page

Landing Page Redesign - We created a custom landing page that integrated with the client's Stripe eCommerce platform. Traffic from our paid search and social efforts was directed to this custom-designed landing page, allowing for $1 Million in revenue within the first 90 days of our campaign.

Click to view to the promo video featured on the Slinger landing page


  • 6.87M revenue earned in the first 12 months
  • 10,069 units sold in first 12 months
  • 11.6x ROAS
  • $60 CPA

The future is very bright for Slinger Bag heading into Q4 2020 and beyond. 

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