How We Helped SunAuto Tire & Service's 39 Brands Double Store Visits and Cut CPA By 27%

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Decrease in Store Visit CPA


Increase in Total Store Visits


Increase in Spend


Brands Onboarded


 SunAuto's digital marketing journey with AdVenture Media began in three phases:

  1. Initial Cleanup: Immediately upon inheriting an account, we initiate a comprehensive cleanup. This involves auditing conversion tracking, revamping the account structure, and strategizing initial adjustments. Most intensive during the initial month of our partnership, this process typically extends into the second month for new accounts or brands.
  2. Testing Phase: After gaining a robust understanding of past and recent performance, we transition to a testing phase. Here, we experiment with specific strategies, such as testing keyword match types, consolidating campaigns, or optimizing conversions.
  3. Scaling & Review: Once familiar with performance trends, we advise on scaling accounts. During this phase, we minimize testing, focusing on routine optimizations to maintain the account's stability. Typically, there's a month-long scaling duration, succeeded by a pause in scaling. This allows our team to assess performance and implement adjustments as we scale.


Sun Auto embarked on a journey of digital marketing transformation aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising efforts. Their primary goals included increasing store visits while keeping acquisition costs in check, establishing a consistent onboarding process for new brands and accounts, optimizing keyword structures and match types to boost performance, implementing performance-based bidding strategies, and harnessing the power of machine learning and data-driven decision-making. These strategic initiatives have not only driven improvements in SunAuto's digital marketing performance but have also set the stage for continued growth and optimization in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.


Our team encountered numerous challenges during the transformation. 

Some of these were:

  • Managing accounts with varying performance levels.
  • Creating a consistent brand onboarding process.
  • Implementing efficient machine learning on tighter budgets for smaller accounts.
  • Ensuring conversion tracking and measurement were accurate.
  • Navigating the constantly evolving Google algorithms and policies.

Faced with these challenges, we formulated strategies and processes. These solutions not only tackled the mentioned issues but also paved the way for SunAuto's growth and adaptability in the fast-paced realm of digital advertising.


1. Brand/Store Onboarding Process: To streamline the onboarding of new brands or stores, SunAuto begins by securing access to key platforms such as Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business, and Call Tracking Metrics. Concurrently, we establish clear communication channels, facilitating efficient account setup and ongoing development. Using monday.com, we systematically manage the onboarding process, and we start each store's journey with an initial budget of $3,300/month.

2. Performance Max Development: One of our primary strategies for driving store visits is the implementation of Performance Max campaigns. This approach allows for the use of location groups to judiciously allocate budgets. We meticulously develop negative keyword lists to sidestep branded terms, ensuring our focus remains on genuine leads. When campaign performance necessitates, data resets are executed. The optimization is particularly centered on local actions, such as facilitating directions, phone calls, and store visits.

3. Google Search Development: We're flexible in our approach to Google Search, testing various account structures. This could range from having a single campaign for all stores to multiple campaigns for interrelated stores. Keyword optimization is paramount, focusing on structure and matching types—be it broad, phrase, or exact—depending on specific market conditions. Even as we maintain keyword consistency across accounts, we recognize the importance of adapting to local nuances.

4. Conversion Action Optimization: Store visits are front and center as our primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI). To automate this tracking, we leverage Google's location-enabling tool. In instances where direct store visits aren't accessible, we focus on leading indicators such as phone calls and directions. This dovetails with our strategy under Performance Max campaigns, which emphasizes local actions.

5. Ad Copy/Pmax Asset Overview: Crafting compelling ad copy is an art and a science. We utilize structured templates with offer-based variations. Key messages are accentuated using asset extensions like sitelinks and callouts. Our headlines are designed to capture attention immediately, often leading with the most enticing offer. Customization is a watchword, particularly when highlighting specific services.

6. Measurement and Performance Tracking: Performance tracking remains at the heart of our strategy. We diligently monitor KPIs, with a keen eye on metrics like cost, conversions, CPA, and more. Trends in month-over-month (MoM) performance are analyzed, ensuring we're always adapting and refining our approach. It's essential to account for external variables that might skew results, such as billing resets or losses in Google My Business listings. To dissect this data, we utilize performance-oriented Excel reporting.


Performance Metrics Comparison (October 2022 vs. April 2023):

  • Spend: Increased by 56.67%
  • Store Visit CPA: Decreased by 26.90%
  • Total Store Visits: Increased by 114.31%
  • 39 Brands Onboarded

Additional Achievements:

  • Successful onboarding process for new brands and accounts.
  • Improved machine learning and campaign efficiency.
  • Enhanced keyword structure and match types for better performance.
  • Achieved cost-effective store visits through Performance Max campaigns.
  • Implemented data resets and optimizations to address performance issues.
  • Ongoing testing of bidding strategies to reduce cost per store visit.
  • Adapted to challenges posed by small one-store accounts.
  • Developed criteria to determine an account's ability to scale.
  • Established a consistent and data-driven approach to digital marketing.

SunAuto's partnership with AMG has undergone significant improvements in both scale and efficiency. The transformative journey, involving cleaning, testing, and scaling phases, has led to notable performance enhancements, setting the stage for further growth and optimization. As SunAuto continues to refine its digital advertising strategies and adapt to evolving market dynamics, the future holds the promise of even more significant achievements in the realm of digital marketing.

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