Scaling Growth for CanvasPrints.com Leads to 40% Increase in Orders Per Day

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Weekly Spend


Increase in Orders Per Day


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Conversion Rate


CanvasPrints.com is an eCommerce platform that allows customers to upload their images and personalize a wide range of home décor products. The product offerings span a diverse range, including Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Collages, Mugs, Pillows, Blankets, Totes, Puzzles, and more. With a commitment to continuous expansion, CanvasPrints.com regularly introduces new customizable products, such as custom photo bottle openers and custom cutting boards. These offerings cater to a broad spectrum of needs, from creating cherished gifts to immortalizing memories or adding a personal touch to one's living space. The primary target demographic comprises adults who either own or rent their homes, typically encompassing parents with tons of photos of their families and newlyweds.


CanvasPrints.com encountered several challenges along its journey:

Navigating Visual Challenges

Since every product on the CanvasPrints.com is 100% custom, selling a product without a real image was difficult. Customers need to envision their own photos on our products, therefore adding friction to the marketing process. Within our creative strategy, we had to tow that line carefully. If the canvases in our ads featured images of families with young children, that may not appeal to a young single person wishing to print college graduation photos, even though this same product would 100% fit their needs. This presented an added challenge for the creative strategy: each potential customer needs to be shown the perfect creative if we’re going to capture their attention.

Dense Competition

The Canvas Print market is saturated with numerous competitors offering similar products. To stand out in this highly competitive space, CanvasPrints.com had to devise strategies to capture audience attention effectively at a competitive price.

Product Feed Cleanup

The initial product feed inherited by our team contained a multitude of obscure products that required meticulous exclusion and clean-up efforts. The poor score due to the product feed, was hurting our shopping visibility. These optimizations aimed to streamline product offerings and improve overall campaign efficiency.


Market Dominance

The primary goal was to establish CanvasPrints.com as a dominant player in the competitive Canvas Print market. This entailed achieving recognition as the go-to platform for personalized home décor products.

Customer Attraction and Retention

CanvasPrints.com aimed to attract and retain a loyal customer base, profitably, by consistently offering compelling promotions and personalized products. The objective was to create a lasting connection with customers who appreciate customizable home décor solutions.

Scale our order per day volume


The core strategy adopted by CanvasPrints.com revolved around:

Market Positioning

The focus was on establishing a robust presence in the fiercely competitive Canvas Print market. The strategy involved differentiating CanvasPrints.com from competitors and consistently offering attractive promotions to attract and retain customers.

Growth Model

A crucial threshold in our growth strategy was to scale our daily order volume to 500 orders per day. This effort culminated in the development of a highly sophisticated growth model. Notably, we introduced a new category, Custom Apparel, as a pilot initiative. Within just two weeks, the T-Shirt category's contribution to our site's sales surged from approximately 0.50% to a remarkable 1.40%, effectively tripling its value within a non-canvas category. We delivered our analysis to originally get ourselves to 300 orders per day. We implemented our strategy and built out our new campaigns. At this time we were averaging 175/orders per day. We worked actively towards this goal, and within just 3 days, our team had just about hit our target, reaching 293/orders per day.

AdSkate Creative Analysis

Using AdSkate's AI engine, which has to ability to categorize objects within our video and display assets. This analysis, completed in July, has led to several actionable recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of our creative assets. We uncovered aspects such as the preference towards where in the home the video is filmed, the emotions and words used by the creator, and what is printed on the product.. This granular understanding allowed us to tailor our creatives more precisely, addressing the earlier challenge of matching the right creative with the appropriate audience. By incorporating these insights, we aimed to capture the attention of each potential customer by presenting them with the perfect creative that resonated with their individual needs and preferences.

New Product Scaling

We have been proactive in identifying and harnessing demand for lower-volume product segments, such as puzzles, t-shirts, and totes. These endeavors seek to diversify our product offerings and capture the search intent of a broader audience beyond our core offerings.

Product Image Analysis

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the images that our customers have chosen to print on canvas. Our team invested 40 hours in meticulously reviewing individual orders, downloading images, and crafting descriptions. The insights gleaned from this analysis, have paved the way for a multitude of recommendations aimed at enhancing our landing pages, expanding product offerings, refining headlines, and improving ad designs.

Optimizing Product Feed

To overcome the challenge of a cluttered product feed, the CanvasPrints.com team implemented a series of optimization initiatives. These efforts involved refining and fine-tuning campaign strategies to ensure the platform's offerings aligned seamlessly with customer preferences and market trends. While adjusting titles and descriptions to optimize our efforts for sale seasons.

Multi-regression analysis

Our hypothesis was whether Performance Max (PMax) was creating a branded halo effect on the rest of our campaigns, and not directly being measured in the ROAS column. We’re serving a lot of YouTube and display - is it possible that these ads are influencing higher click-through rates and conversion rates in other channels? After a thorough multi-regression analysis, we concluded that higher investment (and ad impressive derived from) our PMax campaigns influenced a higher ROAS in Search, a higher conversion rate on site, and an overall higher MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio) across all marketing channels. Each of these correlations had an R-Squared value above .80 and a p-value below 0.05, suggesting strong model fit (correlation) and statistical significance. This therefore proved the efficacy of multiple ad channels working together to build the brand and allow us to aggressively compete in this competitive space, more so than if we had exclusively relied on traditional ROAS measuring methods. These findings have validated our investment in video advertising and provided valuable insights to guide our advertising strategies.


16x Weekly Spend 

40.27% Increase in Orders Per Day

71% Increase in Conversions

234% Increase in Conversion Rate

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