Revitalizing LifePro Fitness’s Strategies Post-iOS 14 Update

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Increase in Revenue


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Orders


LifePro Fitness, a prominent brand in the fitness industry, faced a significant challenge post-iOS 14 updates on Meta platforms. The updates had led to a decrease in Shopify revenue over time. AdVenture Media was tasked with overhauling LifePro Fitness's Meta strategy to enhance account performance and drive brand growth without impinging on net profits.


Revamping Meta Strategy Post-iOS 14: The client was onboarded directly following the rollout of iOS 14 and the large impact the update had on Meta Advertising. The update drastically shifted the way Lifepro advertised. They began to understand that they were no longer advertising with a profitable return. This led to a reduction in ad spend of more than 50%. The client's overall goal for us was to find a way to begin to hit better profitability and scale over time.


Upon inheritance of the ad account, our onboarding process requires a complete audit of conversion tracking. During this audit, our team found that Meta’s Conversion API was not set up correctly. This gave us the impression that Facebook’s inability to maintain a profitable return on advertising was not entirely accurate and was skewed by the inability to track properly. 

Therefore, as we reviewed historic performance, we attempted to maintain a 30,000-foot view of prospecting efforts, specifically efforts on Meta platforms. 

As we reviewed performance, we recognized initially that prospecting efficiency was more heavily impacted post-iOS 14 updates than remarketing. Therefore, when reducing advertising spend, the previous marketing team reduced total prospecting effort more than remarketing. 

This spending reduction in prospecting efforts directly correlated to a loss in revenue across the business as a whole. Because of worsening business results, the strategy continued to double down on this idea of scaling back prospecting efforts, which only led to a further downward cycle.

This analysis crafted our media plan moving forward. Our strategy placed an incredible emphasis on finding a way to scale prospecting efforts while maintaining efficiency. 


The development of prospecting efforts relied on a series of strategic testing with the priority being the ability to strike profitability. This meant attempting to find the balance between efficient CPMs and effective conversion rates. Therefore, our attempts to balance these metrics largely involved a series of audience and creative testing.

Comprehensive Audience Testing:

The team conducted extensive testing with various audience segments, including lookalike audiences of customer purchasers, interest groups, and affinity audiences. This also involved targeting open/broad audiences and specific interest groups tailored to personal trainers (PT), occupational therapists (OT), and demographic-specific groups.

Strategic Creative Testing:

A key part of the strategy was the implementation of strategic creative testing. This included experimenting with different types of content, such as product photography, product lifestyle images, user-generated content (UGC), at-home lifestyle shots, and review/testimonial carousels. The objective was to optimize content for Meta’s algorithm and engage potential customers effectively.

Platforms Leveraged

  • Meta Ads
  • Shopify
  • Audience Insights and Analytics Tools


  • 48% Increase in Revenue: The strategies implemented led to a significant increase in overall revenue
  • 71% Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The effective audience and creative strategies resulted in a substantial rise in ROAS.
  • 275% Decrease in Cost Per Order: The cost per order decreased remarkably, indicating improved efficiency in ad spending.
  • 53% Increase in Orders: There was a notable increase in the number of orders, reflecting the success of the new prospecting strategy.

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