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New York Festivals (NYF) specializes in honoring exceptional advertising across multiple sectors including Health, Radio, and Film. With a vision to rival prestigious awards like Cannes and Clio, NYF employs a global panel of industry experts to judge and celebrate the most innovative and effective ad campaigns.


NYF approached AdVenture Media with several key objectives:

  • Amplify video views and engagement, particularly leading up to award submission deadlines.
  • Increase event registrations and sign-ups, focusing on a targeted audience including past entrants and their lookalikes.
  • Enhance purchases, with emphasis on timely conversions.
  • Expand YouTube channel subscriptions to increase overall reach and viewership.

Platforms Leveraged

Google, Meta, LinkedIn


Before partnering with our agency, NYF faced several challenges in promoting its awards and events:

  • A unique sales cycle that peaked near submission deadlines.
  • Difficulty targeting a specific niche audience.
  • Underutilization of LinkedIn for precise targeting.
  • Budget allocation issues between the USA and other regions.
  • Remarketing challenges for re-engaging past engagers.
  • A need for a mobile-optimized strategy while recognizing desktop remains primary for submissions.


Our marketing agency developed a comprehensive strategy to address NYF's unique challenges and achieve their goals:

Audience Segmentation: Focus on past entrants and lookalike audiences to enhance registrations and sign-ups.

Prospecting and Remarketing: Initiate with broad prospecting and switch to aggressive remarketing as deadlines approach, aiming to increase both engagement and purchases.

LinkedIn Targeting: Utilize LinkedIn's capabilities to target key demographics, companies, and job titles relevant to NYF's specific audience.

Geographic Budgeting: Divide campaigns between the USA and other regions to optimize budget allocation for maximum conversions.

Custom Audiences: Leverage audiences interested in industry publications like Ad Week to bolster NYF's reach and engagement.

Mobile Strategy: Keep mobile users engaged through optimized campaigns, acknowledging that the final conversion action mostly occurs on desktop.


Our partnership with NYF yielded several significant achievements and results:

LinkedIn Targeting: Our strategic use of LinkedIn's targeting options directly addressed NYF's challenge of reaching a specific audience. This resulted in high engagement and conversions, validating our approach. Metrics: 70% YoY increase in CTR.

Remarketing: The challenge of re-engaging past ad engagers was mitigated through effective remarketing strategies. These efforts especially paid off in the days leading up to award submission deadlines. Metrics: 17% YoY increase in conversions.

Budget Allocation: One of NYF's challenges was budget allocation between the USA and other countries. Our strategy maximized conversions through optimized budget distribution. Metrics: 41% YoY decrease in CPA.

Critical Period Conversions: NYF had a unique sales cycle that peaked near submission deadlines. Our focused efforts during this period resulted in significant conversions. Metrics: 434% period-over-period increase in CVR (last 2 months compared to first 2 months).

By tackling each of NYF's unique challenges, AdVenture Media Group didn't just deliver measurable outcomes; we catapulted NYF closer to their aspirational vision. From leveraging unparalleled targeting capabilities to optimizing critical sales cycles, we moved the needle in a big way. These quantifiable metrics underscore NYF's substantial progress in becoming a globally acclaimed awards festival, elevating them in a competitive industry landscape.

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