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About TurnPoint Services

TurnPoint Services Group is home to a rapidly growing list of the finest service brands in America with decades of experience serving residential and commercial customers. Every TurnPoint brand is committed to turning bad days into good ones by removing the usual frustrations customers experience with service contractors. This means no needless delays, no cutting corners, and no-nonsense.
TurnPoint is a servant-led organization with a cultural emphasis on principle over policy and the provision of category-of-one technology and resources. Brand partners are free to focus on their customers and employees with confidence and reap the benefit of accelerated growth.

TurnPoint Services Revenue and Growth

In 2021, TurnPoint Services significantly expanded its operations by completing 21 acquisitions, more than doubling its platform size. This growth has enabled TurnPoint to operate 40 individually branded and locally managed service companies across 28 states, transforming it into a national service provider in 35 metropolitan areas.

Since hiring AdVenture Media as their digital advertising agency in early 2022, TurnPoint's revenue has soared. With a valuation of over a billion dollars in 2023 and closing in at a $2,000,000,000 valuation in 2024, TurnPoint Services valuation has increased by close to a billion dollars, a 100% YoY increase in valuation, while working with AdVenture Media.

This case study illustrates some of the sophisticated performance media strategies AdVenture brought to the table, playing no small role in TurnPoint's explosive growth.

TurnPoint Services Industry 

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Generators

AdVenture Services Rendered

  • PPC
  • GLSA
  • Paid Social Media Management
  • Landing Page Design
  • Strategic Development
  • Project Management


There’s a timeless marketing principle that goes, “Build a branded house, not a house of brands.” When you have over 50+ home service brands and 107 separate ad accounts, that mantra becomes the ultimate challenge to get the greatest return on marketing. TurnPoint Services Group is a collection of local service businesses focusing on HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. The company was built by partnering with and investing in the best of the best in every market they serve. They enable their partner companies through a consultative management approach to remove barriers to growth and provide every team member with the opportunity to grow and develop their career.

TurnPoint Services Group had tasked us with a big job: unifying the marketing strategies and management structures for their 50+ home services brands. We provided them with PPC, GLSA, paid social management, and landing page design to get their message out quickly and effectively. Additionally, we stepped up for strategic development and project management so that TurnPoint could scale effectively as one unified brand identity as its family of brands continues expanding.

Advertising Platforms Leveraged 

  • Facebook Ads
  • GLSA
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Microsoft Ads

Technology Leveraged 

  • Monday.com
  • Google Data Studio
  • Smartsheets
  • Tableau
  • Weatherads.io
  • Unbounce


  • With TurnPoint Services' ambitious business model of expanding through acquiring established home services companies around the country, their old marketing campaign efforts were disjointed. Even though private equity rewarded them with a large umbrella company, the uncoordinated digital strategy created waste and brushed over opportunities for a better ROI on marketing dollars. After several attempts to right its wayward ship, TurnPoint needed help steering its marketing efforts in one cohesive direction.
  • Private equity firms face particular obstacles when it comes to PPC. Luckily, this challenge can be conquered with strategy and creativity!
  • Companies are often left footing the bill for ineffective costs as a result of utilizing costly outside agencies or poor performance from in-house teams.
  • No one can assess the performance of their portfolio brands without getting involved in complicated data analysis. Without a single viewpoint to measure results, budgeting becomes more rigid and less able to be adjusted on the fly with changing market needs.
  • Fees for private equity outcomes can become unmanageable if a company brings on an increasing number of brands. Unfortunately, traditional agency fee structures fail to provide clarity around these circumstances.
  • Without a robust staffing infrastructure, many private equity firms struggle to scale up their operations—leading them down a path of unsteady growth and limited potential.
  • The client needed a new PPC strategy to unify paid efforts and eliminate marketing silos. In the past, each brand under the TurnPoint umbrella had its distinctive way of managing ads, with some handled in-house while others done by third parties. It seemed like information never crossed between these brands, making continuity an impossible goal to reach.
  • When we first onboarded TurnPoint Services, it was no small feat. Most brands under the TurnPoint Services umbrella had one (or more) Google Ads accounts to manage, and some had up to eight different GLSA accounts. We had one priority before anything else could be tackled—ensuring that all the different platforms granted us access so that a comprehensive clean-up process and account audit could begin. From there on out, it became an organized game of whack-a-mole as each brand's needs took center stage with skillful navigation from the team here at AdVenture Media Group. 
  • Our client had their eye on the prize: a replicable playbook (a set of routine management protocols) for efficient marketing. Our endgame? Power up and onboard more brands as quickly as possible by creating an organized system to guide them through our process!


TurnPoint Services came to us looking for a digital advertising partner who could think outside the box and creatively solve their complex problems. Our experience running campaigns for hundreds of brands across dozens of industries continues to supply us with the knowledge to stay at the vanguard of the digital advertising landscape. 

Our mission was much more than just creating a marketing plan for one home services company; we knew in order to turn TurnPoint Services into a unified brand powerhouse, we needed a clear system that could be duplicated for each brand. This enabled us to craft a playbook (a set of routine management protocols) that could be applied at scale to hundreds of companies—which was necessary given that we were onboarding 107 brands under the TurnPoint Services’ umbrella.

One of TurnPoint Services’ most significant challenges was scalability. We tackled that hurdle using a team of AMG account managers and the ability to tap into 400+ nationally vetted talents, scorecards, and more, to find the perfect optimization specialists. With our highly flexible and unique team structure, we assembled a team that mirrored the client's internal workings. We didn’t just connect with the stakeholders, we talked with each brand manager.

AMG's Team Structure for the TurnPoint Account

At TurnPoint Services, each brand is assigned a brand marketing manager, and these BMMs each manage a handful of TurnPoint brands. Our Account Managers act as the counterparts to TurnPoint’s BMMs while our strategy team liaises with the senior leadership at TurnPoint. This enabled us to become the centralized hub to interact directly with brand managers. We were the pipeline for new information to each brand within the group. 

Our dynamic structure and talented team made this partnership a roaring success, but it wasn't always easy. We relied on Monday.com's powerful project management software to keep track of every detail. We created shared boards for each brand between our agency and the client and added tasks assigned to different members, so nothing got missed and each deadline was easily trackable.

AMG's Monday.com Board for Onboarding TurnPoint Brands

Knowing that transparency was vital, our data analytics department rolled out custom dashboards in Tableau and Google Data Studio, which gave everyone an up-to-date view of budgets and performance metrics at any given moment. As things grew unmistakably larger than life (which they do!), we added a Project Manager who truly conquered the task while simultaneously ensuring all trains were running perfectly on time. It was no small feat!

Keeping costs down is always top of mind for clients, and TurnPoint was no exception. Private equity firms are often penalized as it’s harder to manage costs and returns, but we knew we could create a personalized approach that would allow them to continue to scale. Despite the challenge, we developed an incredibly efficient fee structure—it actually gets better as more brands join in on the fun!

Communication was crucial for success with the increase in cross-brand communication, deadlines, and campaigns. To improve it, we held quarterly summits to assess results, generate ideas, and coordinate future initiatives for optimal results.

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