Survey Money Machines Sees Year Over Year Growth In Conversion Rate

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Increase in Conversions


Increase in Conversion Rate


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SurveyMoneyMachines helps ordinary people all over the world earn additional income by connecting them up with the best market research rewards programs in the industry. SurveyMoneyMachines approached AdVenture Media more than two years ago to help them scale their digital advertising campaigns profitably. Because profit margins are tight, we needed to take a very thoughtful and analytical approach to campaign development and strategy.



Tracking conversions and conversion value is something every single account needs, but for SurveyMoneyMachines the system was far more complex than your typical lead-gen website.  SurveyMoneyMachines sees revenue generated from website traffic many days (sometimes weeks) after the initial click. Additionally, not every on-site registration represents the same value to the client. Users who convert need to complete a number of additional conversion actions on separate, outside web properties before SurveyMoneyMachines earns any revenue from that converted visitor.

We needed a way to track revenue down to the keyword level from every ad click. 

Survey Money Machines


Because profit margins are tight, we needed to figure out a way to scale the campaigns where we could increase the budget while keeping our cost per conversion low. But every keyword represents a different sort of user. Moreover every ad product tends to generate different types of users. For example, a display campaign will bring in users typically less engaged, even if they do convert, while search campaigns will generate more engaged traffic.


SurveyMoneyMachines operates in an industry that often runs into compliance issues with Google. We needed to make sure that we’d remain completely approved and whitelisted by Google as we continued to scale our campaign volume and budget.


Over the past two years, our team has allowed SurveyMoneyMachines to scale in an unprecedented way while increasing profit per conversion. We helped our client implement sophisticated, end-to-end conversion and revenue tracking, that enabled us to see every dollar generated in revenue back to the keyword that originally triggered an ad.


By utilizing Bing Ads in conjunction with Google AdWords, we were able to increase volume on an ad network not previously tapped into. We segmented the AdWords campaigns into keyword themes that represented the type of user likely to convert on the website. By creating a unique account structure, we were able to bid more aggressively on clicks likely to generate more revenue, and more conservatively on keywords that were likely to produce less revenue.

This also allowed us to scale by safely increasing our budget because we knew exactly where that money was going.


The display network is a great opportunity to bring in high quality traffic, but in more cases than not, it leads to an enormous amount of wasted spend by bringing in bad traffic that will never convert or produce a dollar of revenue. In order to make the display network work for us, we handpicked popular blogs and websites we wanted to show ads on. We selected these “managed placements” based on a thorough competitive analysis. It also helped that our team developed a solid understanding of who our clients’ target customer was from a psychological perspective.

Our display campaigns have seen industry leading conversion rates and we’re still continuing to scale our spend on the display network.


The AdVenture Media team helped SurveyMoneyMachines broker a lucrative deal with an industry leading affiliate network that would send SurveyMoneyMachines high quality traffic. The terms of the partnership were structured in a way that resulted in a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship for both parties.

Putting It All Together

Overall, our PPC management saved SurveyMoneyMachines $265,000 in 2016, while increasing the volume of conversions by over 11%. We also increased conversion rate by a whopping 36% while decreasing their average cost per click by 8% .

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