25 Website Must-Haves To Engage Visitors and Convert New Business (part 1)

Whether you're in the process of restructuring your entire website or simply looking for ways to maximize the utility and efficiency of your current site, this 50 page guide will walk you through the practical steps you need to take to ensure your visitors are being treated in the best possible way. 

While many folks ignore the integral role the design, content and appeal your website has in the success of your marketing efforts, your website is quite possibly the most important aspect of building your online business. So come along with us for this highly educational and informative ride ... it's free and you won't be dissapointed. 

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A Few of the 25 Things You'll Learn Today

  • How to turn your marketing department into a profit center by creating offers your visitors can't refuse
  • Aligning marketing and sales with the content and aesthetics of your website 
  • Understanding the buyer journey and how it relates to your overall web design 
  • How to create and write content that is appealing to your visitors and loved by Google's bots 
  • The importance of quality content 
  • How to publish the things people want to read
  • Improving your website performance over time 
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