Google selects AdVenture Media to join it's brand new International Growth Program (IGP)

What in the WORLD?

About the International Growth Program

The Google International Growth Program is an invite only agency partnership program geared toward giving Google's top agencies exclusive tools, resources and data to help those agencies expand their clients campaigns internationally.

AdVenture Media was selected by Google to join the program–one of only twenty agencies chosen. But what does this actually mean for you, our client?

Historically, US-based firms fail when expand paid search, YouTube and display campaigns internationally for the following reasons:

  • International language barrier
  • The sales cycle is a different length
  • Search terms and local parlance are difficult to research
  • Buying habits are different
  • Consumer desires and value systems are different
  • CPC's and Conversion Rates do not translate from US campaigns

After completing multiple days of company-wide training and certifications, AdVenture Media now has access to the insight, tools and analysis that will help our clients finally tackle the very real operational hurdles they face when advertising in international markets.

What do you (our client) get?

Now that AdVenture is part of Google's International Growth Program, we're a phone call (or an email) away from global data, insights and support heretofore available only to Google's internal teams.

  1. Custom analysis and insight that will identify the most promising international markets to enter, based on revenue and acquisition goals.
  2. Performance forecasts for new markets, allowing our clients to model cost and results before committing to a particular market.
  3. Google's boots-on-the-ground support in launching, optimizing and scaling international performance campaigns.
  4. Localized support for dealing with international logistics and payments systems.
  5. Insight and tailored recommendations for creatively catering messaging to specific customer personas and buying habbits.
  6. Access to Google’s Global Expansion Team (“GET”)

Why did Google Choose us?

Because we rock.

Google handpicked twenty agencies (feel free to find and evaluate the others–we know you'll be back) to join this program based on the agencies track record of client spend, mix of clients across verticals and markets, and the agency's historical commitment to adopting Google's best practices in client accounts.

We're delighted to be a part of Google's International Growth Program, and we're humbled that Google invited us to participate.

Ultimately, we live or die by client performance, and this milestone brings us another step closer to the Shangri-la of low CPA's and profitable scale.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can benefit from our participation in Google's IGP, simply get in touch with us here.

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